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Crafting bespoke custom sunrooms, elegant patio covers, sturdy decks, and stunning railings to transform your outdoor spaces. Experience the fusion of aesthetics and functionality, tailored just for you.

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Why Sunspace by NuBuild

Proudly Made in Canada

At Sunspace by NuBuild, we take pride in our Canadian roots. Every sunroom and decking project we craft is made right here in Canada, ensuring locally-sourced quality and a dedication to supporting our national community and economy.

Custom-Tailored Creations

With Sunspace by NuBuild, each endeavor mirrors your individual tastes and requirements. Our designs are meticulously shaped around what you envision, making sure your exteriors are as practical as they are visually captivating.

Quality Craftsmanship

With a dedication to excellence, our team employs the finest materials and techniques in the industry. Every sunroom, deck, or railing is a testament to our commitment to durability and style.

Professional Expertise

Our seasoned team of designers and builders are equipped with years of experience, ensuring each project is executed seamlessly. From consultation to completion, expect a partnership of true professionals guiding you every step of the way.

We serve HRM and surrounding areas including but not limited to
Southern shore, Annapolis valley, and parts of
the eastern shore

Sunspace by NuBuild

Innovative Sunrooms and decking Solutions for All Your Outdoor Needs

We serve Halifax, the South Shore and Annapolis Valley with patio covers, sunrooms, screenrooms, railings, decks, windows, doors and more. If you’re looking to extend your enjoyment of Nova Scotia’s beautiful seasons in comfort in your home or cottage, Sunspace by NuBuild is your best solution. We look forward to working with you to design and build your Sunspace retreat!

What We Offer

We Offer a Wide Range Of Sunroom, Decking and Outdoor Products !

Every sunroom and decking project with Sunspace by NuBuild is a reflection of your unique preferences and needs. We create spaces tailored specifically to your desires, ensuring your outdoor areas are both functional and a delight to behold.

Ours Showroom

Join Us at Our Showrooms!
Main Showroom - Chester Basin

5765 Nova Scotia Trunk 3, Chester Basin, NS B0J 1K0
Please note that showroom visits are by appointment only. Kindly contact us to schedule your visit.

Why Choose Us?

Sunspace manufactures the #1 selling sunrooms in Canada

Our products are permanent, engineered specifically for Nova Scotia’s climate to take the wind and regional snow without buckling or showing signs of wear. Sunspace by NuBuild has provided many clients in Nova Scotia with the best sunroom solutions. With Sunspace by NuBuild, you don’t have to worry about large shade umbrellas toppling over in the wind, cranking a retractable sunshade or having an awning cast a shadow on the deck, patio or room behind the adjacent windows. You can sit back and enjoy a relaxed patio atmosphere that’s always ready to be enjoyed, and an extension that adds value, functionality and beauty to your home or cottage.

Dedicated Support

Our relationship doesn't end once your custom made sunroom project is completed. We're here to offer support, maintenance tips, and any guidance you might need long after your sunroom is finished.

Quality Assurance

We take quality personally. From the initial design phase to the finishing touches, every step is meticulously overseen to ensure your sunroom meets the highest standards.

Innovative Solutions

Our design philosophy is rooted in innovation. We're constantly researching and adapting to the latest trends and technologies, ensuring your sunroom is state-of-the-art and future-proof.

Our Guarantee for your sunroom and decking project

At Sunspace by NuBuild, your delight is our benchmark. We don’t just aim to meet your expectations, we strive to exceed them. With a commitment rooted in quality and excellence, we guarantee your satisfaction from project inception to its completion. Trust in us, and we’ll transform your vision into a reality you’ll cherish.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Curious about our work? Dive into the experiences of our valued clients. We invite you to read our reviews and discover the Sunspace by NuBuild difference through the words of those we’ve proudly served.
Mario Abrams
Mario Abrams*****
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We are beyond thrilled with our sunroom and screenroom (yes, we have both; sun above and screen below)! CJ and team did a terrific job and everything happened as they said it would, and when they said it would! I’ve even recommended their work and products to my friends, and a couple of them now have their own sunrooms! 10/10 would recommend them to anyone interested in adding more outdoor living space to their home.
Michael Himmelman
Michael Himmelman*****
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CJ and the team at NuBuild were exceptionally easy to deal with through the entire process from quote to completion. Everything was completed exactly as promised and our property was kept clean and tidy over the 4 days it took to install our patio and sunroom. The quality of the Sunspace sunroom is exceptional as was the installation quality. 1 week after installation of our unit we had a 100 year rain event delivering over 250 mm of rain in a 24 hour period, our sunroom did not have a single leak. I highly recommend NuBuild.
Johnny MacDougall
Johnny MacDougall*****
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We added a sun room to our new home in Kentville. It is a great addition. Fred, CJ and the team were excellent to deal with. We would recommend them if you are considering a sunroom for your home

Sunspace by Nubuild

What is the cost of a Sunroom ?

In Canada, the cost of a sunroom can vary widely based on several factors such as design complexity, materials used, size, and location. On average, a sunroom can range from $10,000 for simpler designs and standard sizes to upwards of $80,000 or more for expansive, custom, or luxury installations. It’s important to note that these figures are just ballpark estimates. Site-specific conditions, labor rates, and any additional features or customizations can influence the final price. For an accurate quote tailored to your specific requirements, it’s always best to consult directly with sunroom professionals like Sunspace by NuBuild.
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